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    Selling vBulletin 4.2.2 license

    Best case scenario would be $150, however I'm happy to start bidding at $90.
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    Selling vBulletin 4.2.2 license

    Howdy folks, I've a vBulletin 4.2.2 license for sale, which I don't tend to use much these days. Proof of licence; Ownership: Version: Transferable: Proof of legitimate PayPal (As per this thread) This license will not expire Indefinite forum support (
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    Withdrawing to maestro

    I'm just going to assume you've done the random charge rubbish PayPal force you to endevour. Mastero has been known to be a bit iffy with PP, I'd suggest either renewing your Visa or find a Mastercard vendor.
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    Do you like your country government?

    As a British citezen, I feel safe in my own home. However, I feel the economy could be far better than it is as of now. I support the decisions of my government as I have to live with them, however, their decisions as a millitary unit (In Afghanistan, Mali and such) are highly questionable.
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    need some help of my final project

    You cannot just "Make" a solution to an unknown problem. Take a week or so with a notepad, and jot down what you find hard and taxing. Chances are, at least one thing on that list will make a great problem to solve with app dev.
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    Hello there, I'm Billy, and I'm currently studying systems development and administration. I'm torn between developing applications and administrating servers. Either way, I love the warm welcome I've been provided so far! Thanks Billy
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