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    For Hire Landing Page, Banners, WordPress Site Creation Services

    Are you looking for a reliable and affordable team who can help you with your DESIGN, CODING or COPYWRITING needs? Whether it's for your E-com store, various offers under different niches or simply to boost your company/brand/business. BannersLanders help marketers and entrepreneurs by...
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    hire wordpress coder

    Check out BannersLanders, or you can add me up on skype - miro.netmarketing Our experienced designers/ coders can to help you with what you need.
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    5 Important Keys to Consider in Translating Your Marketing Content

    You have invested assets and energy when it comes to building your brand by coming up with marketing content, creating campaigns in order to reach your audience, and now you are prepared to get into multilingual or global markets. In order for you to do this, you need to localize your content...
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    We know exactly what MARKETERS need!

    TRANSEY team knows exactly what marketers need! We do not simply translate, but we make sure that your entire content will be LOCALIZED into your target language. Our NATIVE TRANSLATORS localize contents in the most natural way to make sure that you deliver the message you want to convey and...
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    Secret of Super Affiliates Revealed!!!

    Do you want to know how super affiliates make over $X,XXX,XXX profit? These geniuses get their ads, landing pages, websites translated into foreign languages by NATIVE speakers. Start earning that 7 digit profit now! TRANSEY will help you translate any text you need to get translated from...
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    Want to make more money with your campaigns?

    Marketing is not just about ads, product descriptions and sales letters. Nowadays, ‘TRANSLATION IS THE KEY’ Meaning, geo-target related content is the key to establish a strong international reputation and increased revenues. ORDER NOW!!! >>> <<<
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    Need video ads, fast, cheap, perfect?

    video ads where you don't have to do any work just provide the link to product on AliExpress or DhGate or TaoBao? AdsBabe can deliver! $50 a video, to order talk to miro.netmarketing on skype Check out our portfolio:
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    Selling Banners&Landers - $50 per Video

    Hey there, here are some of the sample videos we created:
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    Need video ads for facebook campaigns? - Contact ADSBABE

    All we need is the link to your product and we got everything covered. Plain & Simple! ;) Add us up on skype for orders and more queries - miro.netmarketing
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    Selling Banners&Landers - $50 per Video

    Hate doing FB video ads yourself? Don't like paying a lot for video ads? Hire Banners&Landers - only $50 per video. All we need is link to your product. To get samples or to place an order, CONTACT BANNERS&LANDERS NOW
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    Selling Creatives, Offer Pages, Angle Writing and More Services! - Banners&Landers

    If you need landing pages, offer pages, creatives, WordPress sites, angle writing, and other custom services... >>> CONTACT BANNERS&LANDERS NOW <<< Marketers use our services to increase their profits.
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    BH Strategy REVEALED:

    The strategy? Take landers that were converting well in ENG geos (used pro similarweb to find the best traffic landers on domains) and have them translated to foreign languages. Then take the angles, and swap out Oprah and Dr Oz, for local well known celebs and test 3 different celebs. A day...
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    YES! Exactly! For a much effective ads, you must put some sexiness into it! :smile: Banners&Landers can make that happen with the help of our highly experienced and super creative VIDEO creators. For ecom offer, nutra, and any other niches, we can create AWESOME VIDEO ADS for you! >>>...
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    Need malicious scripts or codes removed in your site?

    No worries! Banners&Landers is here to help! If you have any sites, landing pages, that you need malicious scripts or codes to be removed, >>> HIT US UP NOW!!! <<<
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    Do You Need Banners? Video Ads? And other Design Services?

    Banners&Landers creates KICK ASS & HIGH QUALITY banners like nowhere else out there! We create the following type of banners: - Video Banner - $50 per video - Animated or Static Banner - $10 per banner - Web Banners - Custom Banners For Any Verticals, Any languages, for Any Traffic SourceYou...
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