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    guess it what happen when playtube admin ddos attack other competitorss like he been doin to it was not provoke it is damage to other host. just as he did to go unlimited banning is well made for this
  2. C - Video and File Hosting | Up to $40/10k

    i not have skype so u did not block me. i create account in youdbox on day delete all files. next day my account in not exist. username not valid, email not exist, so i send 3 messages in contact form in site and no answered. i dont use wjunction forum much because...
  3. C - Video and File Hosting | Up to $40/10k

    why no reply to contact form in site? no more suport from admins?
  4. C - Video and File Hosting | Up to $40/10k

    no not fix. paypal is one who put money on hold cause they want proof of what i sell to u. they ask for track info and what i selll to u. no good. this not happen in other hosts. i look for other host who not do this to user.
  5. C - Video and File Hosting | Up to $40/10k

    streamin is good, fast, upload good and fast too. but why payment is paid as if i sell something? paypal place pay on hold and ask me to give proof of tracked package and what i sold to u. :( why you not send pays as normal pay, like other hosts and ad companie? i never get money hold or ask...
  6. C - Video and File Hosting | Up to $40/10k

    @YouDBox please not change to jw8.... it slow and buffer as i see in other hosts and not work in some browser and mobile too; ur player is good. no change please. @YouDBox but please fix file number per page. it not save number i select. always back to 20........ :(
  7. C - Video and File Hosting | Up to $40/10k

    can u make file number on page be saved? i change and change but it go back to 20 all time. please can u make it save? thanks

    @tetas69 move to other host cuz here u will get lies and scam only. u not really beleive this lie of hack do u?

    @BloodSucker I reply for u. he jerk to u when u ask quesion. 50$ is huge bounce? hahahaha @GO Unlimited i not give shit bout u or ur host no more. but u need to give people who use ur host they acount back. stop be bully. bloodsucker use ur host so give acount back to user. bully is no good.

    no one gets any compensation. not even the $25 bonus for pay proof no more. the $1 video re upload was lie nd was remove from site fast so users would forget. gounlimited lose all servers cause dmca bust servers and now no money. but they say it was ""hack"". only fool will believe that lie...
  11. C - Video and File Hosting | Up to $40/10k

    how to rename multiple files at same time? no option to mass rename. please add?

    nah bros. no one get it now it looks like. he ignore all proof posts and no one got their 25 bonus. i message many who post image of pay and no one get it no more. sad that no 25 bonus no more.
  13. C | HLS Over-Air - Up to $30/10k - Long term with stability

    good streamm speed bro, cool. will use more

    wait on for better speeds, cool bro. thanx u still givin the $25 reward for pay proof posted here? asked some users who post screens today and they not get it so i ask. sorry for english of mine
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