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    Rapidgator Discussion thread

    Guys I mailed the support about slow upload speeds they replied: Dear Customer, Please send us also tracert log to so we can check the issue with our ISP. How to use tracert If you have any further...
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    An old Microsized Movies and TV Shows site is back ( mRS )

    Hello! I think a lot of downloaders know mRS or Minirlss, now it is operative again give it a review guys:
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    Z_o_o_m uploader tool scam!

    Same here!! can't add nitroflare!
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    Help on protecting links from getting deleted!

    Hello guys! I use safelinking and an RDP to reupload my dead links and since I upload tv packs it would be at least 24episodes to be reuploaded on 4 different filehosts... I tried these methods: 1-Renaming and re-raring files even the md5 is changed still they get deleted. 2-Tried password on...
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    Future of the Sharing Copyrighted Material, Warez Revenue

    It is getting hard, but we will be up to the challenge PS: a Warez ( no-porn ) uploader <3
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    Selling themaPoster - multi-poster, reply / create threads, schedule, lots of automation...

    Just wanna ask before I buy, for example there are 2 sites I wanna post in and the two are different for example the 1st site allows Rapidagtor and the 2nd doesn"t and I wanna post in both of them can I get an option where I don't post rapidgator links in the 2nd and keep them for the first. I...
  7. B - PPD (30 EUR) & PPS (60% inital sale /50% rebill)

    that is not true their accounts are still alive I am sure of that!
  8. B - PPD (30 EUR) & PPS (60% inital sale /50% rebill)

    I don't get how warez-bb users like LEDAER, Seraf, HD3D, tinkoni, SHULiBAN and other big users they did not abandon Uploaded? and UL did not ban their accounts though I am sure they get hundreds of DMCAs from these users uploads since they are famous! -_- I guess UL systems is picky!
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    I want help with my warez forum
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