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    Bakuto (Haku - Shu & Bojan Saric - inside83) scam alert !!!

    Why don't you protect your work? implement licensing system?
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    Introducing WJunction Altruistic

    This looks great!
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    IrelandVPS (.d0t.) com | Exact Match Domain | Straightforward domain

    Domain: IrelandVPS (.d0t.) com The domain name can be used to provide VPS (Virtual Private Server) in Ireland. Currently, there are few VPS providers in Ireland, thus a plethora of opportunities awaits for the one who can monetize by filling the gap of connecting users with their need of VPS in...
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    Will we see a folding iphone in 2019?

    Yep and it will be out in coming weeks.
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    Is now scam???

    They are not a scam. For that small amount its not worth doing the transaction.
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    Introducing - WJunction X

    Impressive :D Good work @Dominic
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    Best India Dedicated Server - Hostripples!

    @RapidVideo Bandwidth is expensive in India and most of the Asian countries (except Singapore). The reason is simple, development is still taking place in the Telecom-IT sector. The scenario was worst 10 years back. Just for 10M bandwidth server it cost more than $700/mo in any India DC
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    WJunction -> Cloudflare Errors

    Yes, its still occurring. I could view this thread after a month :(
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    WJunction -> Cloudflare Errors

    @M, Still occurring. I was unable to view this thread. I cleared my cache and then I could view it now. EDIT: I think this has been fixed now since I haven't got any errors from few hours But theres a new problem now. I tried to edit one of my threads and it gave empty content, the content...
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    WJunction -> Cloudflare Errors

    Hello, From past few days I am facing a lot of 502 Errors while accessing WJunction. It does not happen on the forum index/homepage but only when I try to view any thread. I get the following error:
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    .us domain would get seized quickly than other TLDs You should buy other extensions incase your domain gets taken down by the feds.
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