1. -={MINDFREAK}=-

    -={MINDFREAK}=- New Member Member

    Mar 21, 2011
    hello friends,
    i want to know that how we can use promo codes on flipkart???

  2. BattleDuty

    BattleDuty Banned Banned

    Sep 21, 2011
    for the record —

    i> There is no Flipkart Promotional Code that any of the employees or the customer support have
    ii> When we do send out the Promo Code, it is usually as part of a co-branded campaign (with a Cellular Service Network Provider, for example) or …
    iii> … as part of our CSR initiatives with certain institutions and NGOs (meant essentially for people who donate to these very causes).

    Off Topic:

    After carding other's CC and using them and now hacking promo codes also.

    Good work MF.

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