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  1. InfoBot

    InfoBot WJunction Beloved Bots

    Jan 1, 1970

    We've introduced new rules which must be followed.

    To read the rules, please view this thread.

    Discussion regarding the new rule can be found here.

    Please note: If you update your thread title but your title within forumdisplay doesn't change - Report your first post and specify the new title you wish to use. If you do not comply with the rules within 72hrs - We shall close and/or delete your thread.

    Thank you.
    WJunction Staff.
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  2. cvrle77

    cvrle77 New Member Member

    Aug 21, 2009
    These are very simplified compared to the rules we have held previously. They will offer you much more freedom in your thread titles and the threads you can create.

    Please make sure to read and understand the new rules.

    General Hosting Rules

    • All general forum rules apply
    • You must select [Selling] as the thread prefix
    • Post2Host offers/free web hosting are to be created under giveaways or contests only
    • Only a maximum of 2 topics* from a host is allowed to be created in each category, regardless of the packages offered.
    • Providers may NOT recommend themselves in ANY thread (except their own) THROUGHOUT the forum
    • Providers may NOT post in other providers thread
    • All hosting providers must use a valid (not nulled) billing panel, have a legitimate support system (tickets, etc - not just skype or msn or email) and a proper website with TOS
    • Refrain from bumping your sales topic with useless comments such as: 'Thanks for review' , 'Check your PM' , ' First post updated'. Do not bump your topic with comments 'Use ticket system' and similar. Ignoring this rule will eventually get your topic closed.

    Tip: Use PM system on this forum, for users with issues, and not your topic, and use signatures to leave contact email, or link to support system

    Title Rules for Web Hosting Threads

    All CAPS are NOT allowed in thread titles:

    Hosting providers MUST state the location of their server(s) within the title and post.

    Generic keywords NOT allowed, as usual:
    high quality
    99% uptime (or similar)
    uptime guarantee
    no downtime
    no overselling
    buy now
    ... and all other similar keywords.

    Special characters are NOT allowed:
    Using special characters to get attention is not allowed: --== ===- /// \\\\ *** ``` ~~~ ^^^ !!! ||||| etc

    Allowed. Feel free to offer these in your title and/or your sales thread

    Examples, how to compose your thread title:


    [Selling] YourSite.com/net - 1 Gbit VPS Linux/Windows 2008 from $1.00 (NL,USA,FR,IT,DE,LT)


    [Selling] YourSite.com/net - cPanel,CloudLinux - 50 GB Space/200 GB Bandwidth - from $1.00 (NL,USA,FR,IT,DE,LT)


    [Selling] YourSite.com/net - 100Mbit-10Gbit 2-100TB Bandwidth - Managed/Unmanaged - from $1.00 (NL,USA,FR,IT,DE,LT)


    [Selling] YourSite.com/net - Windows/Linux RDA/RL/sBorg/VPN/SeedBox/CDN - 1Gbit 20GB HDD - from $1.00 (NL,USA,FR,IT,DE,LT)

    Main idea is to have normal titles with these as mandatory:

    Sellers domain in the beginning - Description of the service - Starting Price - Locations

    Other Web Hosting Rules

    Client Management, Billing & Support Solutions:
    - Must use a legally licensed version. Nulled solutions are disallowed and are a considerable security risk.
    - Must have a support system in place. IM/Skype does NOT count.
    - Must provide direct link to client support portal

    Your thread MUST include at least 1(ONE) plan details offered by you. You may link to your site for additional plans, but 1(ONE) plan listing is an absolute requirement.

    *One for main sales, the other for special offers.
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