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    This will probably be a long thread, so first I would like to welcome everyone, new (young) and old.

    If you haven't already, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Rules at WJunction.

    Also, do follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest udpates.


    Why make this thread?
    This thread will basically be a guideline for members on several things, how to contact us, if you should contact us and when to contact us.

    Also, I will of course share my thoughts about a couple of things to save time on future discussions. Sadly, some of the thread's content is not up for discussion, suggestion or opinions mainly because we don't have the time to filter all of them and pick the best, the "system" we're on now is working, no need to replace.


    The blacklist of contacting:
    Let me explain what that means, the blacklist are things that if you contact us about you'll probably never ever get a reply from us or you'll get a definite "No" for it no matter how many times you ask.

    • Changing username
    • Rank promotion
    • Join staff

    Simple enough, correct? the reason we ignore such PMs is mainly because if one asks, the rest will, and to be honest we do not have the spare time to deal with small issues like changing usernames.

    As for ranks, you earn them, asking for a rank will only make it harder for you to get it. All ranks promotions (including staff) are based on invite only, not votes (so the whole XX for XX will not work, it will probably do the opposite).


    How to "file" a complaint:
    If there is something you'd like to complain about and decided that you should send a PM to one of the admins, please, before you do that view the following list:

    • If it's thread/post removal, modification, reporting issues then use the "Report Post" button and one of the staff members will handle it.
    • If it's a problem you're having with another member, then please either contact a Moderator or a Super Moderator and they'll help you with it.
    • If it's a problem with your account then contact an admin, provide as much information as you can to make the process go faster.
    • Any suggestions or opinions, please, make a thread in Feedback section, don't send us PMs.


    Why all the contact restrictions?
    This is nothing against you, not at all, but as I mentioned before we barely have time to handle any "extra" situations, that's why we've assigned staff members to manage smaller things for us.

    At the end, your issue will get resolved, so it doesn't matter who you contact. However it will be faster if you followed our guide.


    Look around before you post:
    Before you make a post or send a PM about a certain issue, please, search the board, because most likely the issue has been answered before, also make sure that you view all sticky threads which contain the most important information, obviously.


    My (off-topic?) thoughts:
    Lately we've been receiving many PMs about members causing problems, whether via PMs, chatbox.. etc. Well my friend, the sad fact is there are a lot of idiots around, yes it's harsh but true.

    However, the most important thing is that you should completely ignore those idiots, because obviously they don't know any better.

    Categories of the idiots: (Yes, I have you categorized!)
    • A god complex idiot: that's an easy one to spot, it's the person that always thinks that he, what he does, what he makes is better, even if true you'll see an idiotic attitude from them, for example "I know the best guys, I make the best code, I..etc".
    • The good, but idiot: This person is "within" a good person, however, once you get to know him and vice versa, he gets too comfortable, and when that happens the more intense joking around will start, ie: family, sexual, race.. etc comments, though he means well, but some just don't like it.
    • I need love guy: Basically the guy that wants attention all the time, he's a good person but could be excessive at times, which gets annoying, but I like that one the most.

    All in all it's in good fun, if you're annoyed by it then you should ignore, however if a member or a group of members are really pushing it then you should contact a staff member immediately, they will handle the situation without causing any additional problems.


    The ultimate goal:
    Enjoy the board, enjoy your friends in the board so we can also enjoy it, try to relax and not take every single thing seriously. Also, don't complicate things by pointing out the smallest details, things that you can live without.

    Thanks everyone for reading, have a nice day.. stay in school.
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