1. toRRfriend

    toRRfriend Well-Known Member Member

    Jul 25, 2010
    hi guys,
    today i created my first animated gif banner, before that i thought(most of guys tooo) thinking, it's a difficult or big task, but is simple..so only i created this tutorial <3

    Creating a gif animated banner is a easy task..if you have high creativity, then you can create a highly attractive banner :)

    Things needed:
    1) background image or texture

    Guys use texture for normal banners, or use custom background(design in photoshop)

    Note: use google image search for finding texture, include some words in search..
    eg: black texture/metal texture/pink texture/simple texture

    2) Bannershop GIF animator 5 software (trial version is even enough)

    3) any extra icons or small images in banner(optional)

    4) text or slogans or message to convey
    Every banner is created for some reason (Mostly to convey message in animated motion pictures/animated text instead of static texts to attract visitors, atleast click through is higher than normal texts)

    So decide why you're creating banner and add slogans or texts going to convey... if you're a gaming freak, add games related texts or something..

    5)Banner size
    Everything is limited by size, in wjunction accepted height in signature is 100px ..

    so decide the size you need

    Let's start==>>
    Open the software(bannershop gif animator 5),

    Select animation wizard, press ok




    i selected 600 x 100,
    if you need the standard size means, it's available in drop down

    then press ok

    Now you got the window like below image..

    just drag and drop the texture or choose the background colour by right click

    i used the texture rounded corner using this,


    then click the Symbol "A" in left side for adding Texts/slogans

    Now type the text, choose the color of text in contrast with banner(i used dark texture/background, so i used white color for texts)


    now right click the text frame, and select the intro anime to give EFFECTS

    Add new frame, put the texture once again there or copy texture from first frame..add text add effects...


    always select intro animation first, then selct outro animation
    Thats all

    My final Banner

    Now play with the effects it have :P
    so every one can create Gif banner is as easy as possible...

    Important Mistakes you may do:
    We all create banners and save the project, so we can edit texts, effects of that banner easily...

    So before creating banner, please create a folder and put the all images, background images and use the resources from there...

    if you used the resources randomly from other folder means, you may lose them due to location change of images and all ==>> So Always use resources in a single folder where you store the project

    Thanks for reading this :)
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  2. jasoothai

    jasoothai New Member Member

    Dec 21, 2011
    Thanks for sharing...
  3. toRRfriend

    toRRfriend Well-Known Member Member

    Jul 25, 2010
    welcome jasoothai :)
    will add more tuts soon
  4. carkons

    carkons New Member Member

    Jun 29, 2011
    Thanks for sharing...

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