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  1. Thanks working perfectly, even it show the premium until XX.xx.xxxx, thats cool, can you add more accounts....??
    i will list the popular other tomorrow

    you have tons of precious tools where we can't get from internet, just buy one good domain and popularize it mate..

    long time ago
  3. Another request...
    any way to check the filehosts username/password account status checking script.....??(premium or free or wrong username/pass)

    is it possible..?? because you're well in proxy things, these account check up needs good proxy settings..

    and huge guys are searching for this type in php or web based...
  4. Thanks dev
    place all links in top like this post.piratebb(dot)org or use in sidebar, i am sure people will love it...

    also add some description in footer, so google will understood the site better..

  5. All links will be posted into one post tomorrow ...

    open killer on new tab ? no problem - tomorrow - that one you requested
  6. Another request
    can you link all decrypters, that is, place other decrpter links in top or in side

    also, can you make adfly killer to open in new tab, or can you add, open in new tab, because adfly killer is awesome and killer decrypter.??
  7. dev, can you add decrypter....nothing is work well
  8. devnull, Thanks for that
  9. njoy
  10. soon
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