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Thread: Applying for the Affiliate Representative Rank - Last updated: 09/09/15

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    30th Mar 2012, 08:27 AM
    Applying for the Payment Provider Rank (PPR) or Affiliate Representative Rank

    How do you upgrade?

    To upgrade to the affiliate representative rank, you must adhere to our pre-requisites;

    - Registered on WJunction for at least 2 months.
    - Your domain must be at least 7+ months old.

    If you do not adhere to the above, do NOT apply. If you apply and you do not adhere to the above, we will not accept a further application until 1 month has passed.

    If the above requirements are met;

    - Upload a HTML file titled wjunction.html to the root folder of your website. In the HTML file, you must state the following: "I am "username", and wish to upgrade my account on WJunction.
    My Domain was registered on: "Date" & I am member of WJunction since "date".

    Adhere to the pre-requisites? Then you may apply!

    Once you have done this you can apply through group memberships. Ensure that you have uploaded the HTML file and that you state your site in your signature and all your contact information is correct. When you apply, state your job title & site URL.


    If you wish to apply for the file host rank, you will receive the following privileges:
    1. A separate rank so that members can distinguish you from registered members.
    2. Extra PM storage.
    3. A dedicated forum where you can have your official sales/support thread.
    4. More exposure.

    You will be allocated your own specialised thread within the appropriate forum/s. In this thread you are allowed to advertise and provide support for your company.

    Thank you.
    WJunction Administration
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    10th Dec 2012, 04:11 PM
    Remember, that you can apply for the file host group if you fulfil the above criteria. Follow this link to apply. If you do not fulfil the criteria or do not do provide the requested information, we will not promote you to the file host group or payment provider group.

    Thank you.

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