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Thread: Looking for members to share resources.

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    10th Aug 2017, 10:23 AM
    I looking for people who interested to share Gsuite Acc with me. I need 4 people at least to have unlimited storage. Below is the basic information. - just a landing page. soon will be move to - (currently running google drive script). soon will be moved to - maybe in the future running google script with api. can hide google drive link - for running advance video script for CDN. ( i think i will be using myself for tis )

    For i will allow limited webmaster, i will be putting ad in. I will not put any pop up or under ad for sure.
    For is does cost me a lot of money to maintain so if only got enough webmaster interested and willingly to pay me a little fees. i will set tis up.

    Lastly i would hope someone is interested to have gsuite account with me. pm me if you are interested. let me know how can we work as a team. looking forwards.

    p/s: if you are interested you will be getting an gsuite account like yourname(a) ( i am not a reseller )

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    11th Aug 2017, 08:55 AM
    does this script working on google photos unlimited storage? i just see 1080p video not streaming on google photos. only allow 360p

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    11th Aug 2017, 10:12 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by coolmrrocky View Post
    does this script working on google photos unlimited storage? i just see 1080p video not streaming on google photos. only allow 360p
    Yes it does. However don't expect every single video from google photos convert till 1080P. Sometimes it take a week even more and you won't know if there is error or not. I find it very annoying which i decided to switch to gsuite. coolmrrocky let me know if you are interested to join me.

    P/S the best thing of the script is does allow you to stream thru google photos. I give a sample from my photos google. The video itself is 720P. temporary i dont have 1080P file which is not porn haha
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