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Thread: How to get traffic without SEO and Google?

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    13th Apr 2016, 04:53 PM
    You need to perform SMM and PPC perfectly.

  2. fring's Avatar
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    13th Apr 2016, 07:15 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Atia View Post
    You need to perform SMM and PPC perfectly.
    Which ppc would you recommend?

  3. juhalam's Avatar
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    24th Apr 2016, 04:31 AM
    - Creating an account on Google+, facebook, twitter, tumblr, youtube... Seaching for group related content on your site and share links your site
    - Share links your site on your profile page
    - Your friend sharing for you

  4. hynds's Avatar
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    25th Apr 2016, 06:43 AM
    All you can do is sharing your content via social media network website. When your content is interesting enough, many people are willing to share it to their friend. At that time, your site will get many traffics. Below are the social media website list I found on wiki

    Check it out here:


  5. Natalie_25's Avatar
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    25th Apr 2016, 01:38 PM
    If not SEO and Google (we exclude direct traffic), and social traffic has already been mentioned, then, I can suggest 3 more options.

    1. Display. Of course, you need to prepare to pay some costs for that but if you choose an advertising channel after a proper analysis (ROI, audience), it should be worth it.
    2. Mail. If you ever did other projects and are in possession of a list of emails, make use of them. Send a reasonable email informing what a great website you have and encourage people to visit it.
    3. Referrals. Find other website owners who could publish your link under their posts. It doesn't have to be for money as you can use barter (backlink for a backlink).

  6. ulnow's Avatar
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    15th May 2016, 01:04 PM
    Try to lock your content. Use some social locks and tell your visitators to share or like that page. In this mode, you can get traffic from facebook for example.

  7. alphalee's Avatar
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    16th Jun 2016, 01:40 AM
    You can use social network ( like fan page, group) to promote your site and get traffic or preparing a good content and seo at top of google; you will receive a nature traffic,

  8. DraculaServ's Avatar
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    25th Jun 2016, 09:44 AM
    Facebook groups are great for traffic. You may want to make sure you have a facebook like box around so you can keep them coming after that. I have no experience with regards to G+.

    With Reddit you just need to submit a post with an appropriate title to the appropriate subreddit. Be sure that it isn't spammy or anything like that. If it's good then they will come. If it's not..they'll probably burn you at the stake.

    I've had posts submitted on /r/funny , /r/movies, /r/gaming and a few got to the front page of the respective subreddits. They weren't anything special, just listicle type of posts.

    Others submitted to subreddits with 100K + followers, if they're nice posts, may stay there for 1-2 days. Try it out and you'll see it's rather easy and enjoyable.

  9. OffshoreDedic's Avatar
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    29th Jun 2016, 08:59 PM
    google+: Join some communities related to your website's topic, participate in them and then share your own content.
    reddit: Take part in that community openly. Share anything useful, not only your site's data, and share your website's content only where it is the best possible available. reddit give a good number of visitors if you have quality content, unique and timely.
    fb: Make a group or page or both for your website. Get your friends to like and follow you there. It will slowly attract more people, if you have quality content to offer, and hence some traffic in start. Facebook gives a huge amount of traffic, but it takes time.
    Twitter: Stay active, share content, attract people to follow you with the power of your quality content, and there you go, visitors for your website.
    StumbleUpon: It is also a good source for traffic. Share your content there and it send related traffic.
    And more.

    Interesting, quality, unique and timely content gets traffic from every social sites, what so ever.

  10. Froggys's Avatar
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    1st Jul 2016, 12:07 AM
    Spam Facebook groups is amazing way to gain much traffic!

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