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Thread: Special offer! StudyBay - unique affiliate program in edu niche!

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    22nd Jan 2016, 01:14 PM
    Most of you have already worked with different Affiliate programs in edu niche! You can earn a good profit from it. But we made something unique for you! We are happy to introduce you our essay affiliate program - StudyBay.

    What is StudyBay?

    StudyBay - freelance marketplace for students and authors. Students can find a qualified writers and submit any type of paper: essay, academic paper, term paper, dissertation, etc. Authors, on the other hand, can earn money, get a great experience and real reviews.

    What we offer?

    • 40% - 60% from every first order
    • Rebills 15% from all subsequent orders
    • Detailed statistic for each order

    What is our advantage?

    • 57% - The highest conversion rate in the industry
    • 9,5 – The largest number of rebills
    • 24/7 – Convert traffic even on weekend and holidays
    • The coolest promotional materials
    • Instant payments every day!
    • 125$ - Average bill

    Start to make money right now:
    1.Sign up here: ap.studybay.[com]
    2.Choose one of the promotional materials and put it on your website
    3.Follow up for your income into your account

    Monetize your website and the cash will roll in!

    For any info, questions or requests - feel free to contact me!
    Affiliate Program Manager

    Skype: alevtina.studybay

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    29th Jan 2016, 02:34 PM
    Daily payment...!

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    17th Feb 2016, 09:46 AM
    Hey, guys!

    Today we have some good news for you
    Firstly, we changed an interface of our website and landing for webmasters. Now it becomes faster and simpler for clients to make an order, so it will increase your

    Secondly, we are happy to introduce you our referral program for webmasters.
    You will get 5% of the profit of attracting partners.

    We wish you a good luck and a good profit

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    10th Mar 2016, 12:14 PM
    We are happy to introduce you our new landings and some new features!

    Our “Statictic” section also gets some updates Now you can see how many rebills made your client. And new filter “Paid” helps you see only those orders which bring you money.

    We wish you a good luck and a good profit

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    8th Jun 2016, 02:21 PM
    The spring semester is slowly going down, but we continue to delight you with good conversion and new promotional materials!

    New order forms. We add two new forms: brief form which helps you to place orders faster and price calculator. Use them for the higher conversion!

    We would be happy to hear your feedback about the spring season! Write us by e-mail or skype about your experience of working with our affiliate program.

    Best wishes and good conversion!

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    5th Aug 2016, 02:20 PM
    Dear partners, we are fully equipped before new season and begin to release our cool updates!

    Our research has shown that many customers from English-speaking countries are not native speakers.

    That's why we added a new option for you: Language selection.

    The new feature allow us to redirect customers to a native language from foreign, make your work more easily and useful!

    No doubt, we will snatch a piece of conversion!

    Join us and be in progress!)

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    16th Dec 2016, 01:18 PM
    Hello, friends! We have great news for you!

    Today we are going to offer you something unique!

    Now you can earn even more by referring new authors to our service.
    Our partners bring many new authors. We can not leave this fact without attention. That's why we will pay 10$ to our partners for each new author after the first completed order!

    Do not forget about the high season! We will be glad to work with you!

    The season is in full swing!
    And we'd prepared an update again! Our landing pages became adaptive for mobile devices. Now the visitor will easily get acquainted with all the information on a tablet or phone.
    We can't disclose all aecters now, but the fact is that we are preparing really useful innovations for you! So do not forget to follow the news!

    Added after 1:

    We are glad to present the most long-awaited update of our affiliate program - Postback.

    Now you can optimize your campaign and effectively analyze traffic by tracking important parameters such as the type of work, geo, device type, order value and others. You can upload all data into the distribution and taraffic analysis system.

    You can find the detailed instruction of using Postback mechanism opening "Tools" section in your personal account or contact your account manager.

    Make your campaign more efficient and profitable!
    Last edited by StudyBay; 16th Dec 2016 at 01:20 PM.

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    30th Dec 2016, 02:22 PM
    Greetings! Happy New Year, everyone!

    To start 2017 full of strength and energy, we have prepared a renovation, thanks to which our partners will work and earn money much easier!

    We pumped section of statistics! Now useful information such as GEO for each order, the stream from which the customer had come, and the ability to view all the orders from each customer are available. All these important points undoubtedly will help to analyze the campaign carefully and identify the most effective ways of promotion.

    Next year will be even more productive and profitable!
    Join Us -

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    3rd Feb 2017, 04:39 PM
    We summed up the winter season indexes! There are the TOP 5 of our webmasters income in the period from November 2016 to January 2017!
    Not bad, right ?!
    Do you want to earn the same or more? Spring season is ahead! It will be booming!
    Join us!

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    7th Mar 2017, 01:48 PM
    Hello everybody! The hot season will come soon! We worked hard on the conversion, customer return to the service and prepared a major update of our affiliate program! It will definitely increase the profit of our partners and expand the opportunities for earning money.
    Also a new GEO will appear in the affiliate program soon. Will you try to guess? Tell us about your guesswork! We've prepared a nice bonus for correct answer!

    For all questions: / skype: alevtina.studybay

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