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Thread: Learn The Basics Of CPA/ CPA Helpdesk | Make Money Online

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    12th Oct 2013, 03:33 PM
    Hello Webmasters B|

    Well first of all, I started giving tuition to some members and found out that itís slowest way of doing it because some members are very noob and are unable to understand quickly. Itís taking much longer than expected, and many other members are requesting to write a thread publicly. Iíll try to be descriptive this time! J. Will cover each and every step and my personal methods of finding niches and ranking videos. Before I start, THIS METHOD IS NOT FOR LAZY PEOPLE. Youíll have to invest time and gotta have some patience.


    Well I believe before we start something we need right motivation. Things will get easier if youíre motivated. Iím going to share my little story with you, I started CPA couple of months ago and found this method very interested, and it has HUGE potential. I started reading public threads and guides around and learned a lot. Then I uploaded my very first niche which was a fake niche. Just for learning purposes.

    Ranked my video and made a nice landing page for it and then I locked the file. Started ranking my video and got my first conversation after couple of days. That was a good day because finally my efforts started paying me back. Well then I deleted that niche and started searching legit niches. Uploaded them, ranked them, And started my journey in CPA world.
    Here are my earnings (Not bragging ) :

    Then I left doing it because of exams and shit. Will start again after my exams .
    The Method


    1. Video Creation/ Editing Skills.
    2. Time


    1. List of popular and respected Networks
    2. Getting into a CPA/PPD Network
    3. Finding your Niche
    4. Making Video for your Niche, Uploading and SEO of your Video
    5. Setting Up Blog/Website for your niche
    6. Locking your Niche



    Itís my favorite network theyíre stable pays on time, Support is very friendly and yes for Tools! Getting into it is not that easy, Iíll show you how to make your application look interesting in my next step.

    Other Respected Networks:

    1. Adscendmedia
    2. FileIce
    3. Sharecash
    4. Adshiftmedia
    5. Adnooka

    You can work with any network you want they all are reliable. Offers they provide are almost same.


    Itís not easy to get into any of those networks as they manually check each and every application. So have to be very accurate and descriptive when youíre applying.

    Hereís an example of what to write in ďPromotion MethodĒ

    ďHello my name is sexy. I am an experienced webmaster from India. I'm very good at SEO, Been doing it from last 5. I have some products (Your Niche) of mine I would like to lock using your network, Thatís why Iím applying here.
    My Promotion Style:

    I will make a video of my product and will upload it on different social networks. Such as Youtube, Facebook, dailymotion. Because I believe social networks are goldmine for traffic. As I stated above I've been doing SEO from a long time, Iím able to rank my product on Google for Major Keywords. I have a list of emails for those people who have subscribed to my website, Iím going to mail them all for my new product. And finally I will publish my product on different forums.Ē

    Donít just copy and paste above paragraph, use your brain.

    Promotion Style: Website ( Or choose any other but be sure you describe that below)
    Incentive Traffic: No
    Website: Link to your website ( Be sure itís not warez)
    How did you find us: Affpaying or word of mouth
    Current network: Nil
    Thatís all. Send your application now. They will contact you within 24 hours. If you got rejected change the network be more descriptive.


    Now this is the HARDEST part of CPA, Many people just give up here. Your niche will decide you earnings if your niche is saturated already on Youtube you wonít earn much from it but saturated niches always give steady income. If your niche is unsaturated and in Ė demand youíll make bank.

    There are two types of Niches:

    1. Legit Niches:

    Like Ebooks, Scripts, Methods etc.

    2. Fake Niches:

    Hack Tools, Fake Key Generators, Coupons generator etc.

    You can choose any niche to work with. Working niches will always give you steady and lifetime earnings. Whereas fake niches will give you more money, but are temporary as people will flag your video.


    The best way to find legit niches is via google and youtube trends.

    Google Trends

    What's Trending - YouTube

    Or you can make your own niche, Which is great way. It could be anything, like assume youíre very experience at SEO. You know many methods, tips and tricks to get traffic. And youíre ready to share your knowledge publicly. Then just compile it and upload it on youtube and on forums you often visit. So basically youíll monetize your knowledge J You just have to find on something that youíre good at. It could be a recipe, A method you know to acquire steam keys? Could be anything but legit.


    Finding fake niches is easy, just follow my steps. Usually fake niches are hack tools or Game keys generator. Game niche is best because it generates good amount. Legendary earners like Mito, Bo1cka earn 500$+ Daily with this niche. Yes DAILY. Now for gaming niches we must find a very popular game or an upcoming game. Like Minecraft which is very popular, World of Tanks etc. Go on youtube and search for ď Minecraft Premium Account GeneratorĒ and look how many results you get. And the fact is tons of people search for this. For upcoming game niche, People basically make a fake legit looking key generator. Battlefield 4 is an upcoming game and is available in beta. ď Battlefield 4 beta keys generatorĒ have around 12,700 Results on YT. But as you see these niches are already saturated.

    List of some Fake Saturated Niches:

    1. Microsoft Points Generator
    2. Minecraft Gift Code Generator
    3. Steam Keys Generator
    4. Survey Bypasser
    5. Minecraft Premium Account Generator

    Now to find these niches you just have to join social media exchange websites. Like Vagex, U2bviews etc. Vagex registrations are closed though. Join u2bviews and download itís program. Watch what other people have uploaded. Or if you canít wait and watch these videos just install u2bviewsís firefox plugin and start and left it overnight. Check history and BOOM. You get niches.

    Your Niche could be GEO targeted also. If you have something that Is popular in only one or couple of country. Assume you have some method which is very popular in France then youíll get 20$ for each download you get. France is the highest paying country in CPA world. Downloads from Germany, Australia etc will give you 10$+ for each download you get.

    Before you start setting up your niche, better research on it. Go to Google keyword planner and see how many monthly searches your niche is getting. A good niche gets more than 60,000 Searches. If it is getting good hits then go to Youtube and look if it is saturated or not. Because saturated method are very hard to rank!

    If you still have problem finding niches PM me here or email me at : [email protected]
    Iíll see what I can do for you .

    Making Video for your Niche, Uploading and SEO of your Video:

    Assume your niche is a script you made. Now all you have to do is make a video for it. If you donít know how to make videos and edit them then just go to there are tons of people giving this service for 5$. If you want to learn video editing then google some tutorials youíll learn like me. For professional looking videos download Sony Vegas for editing. For basic editing and learning purposes download AVS Video Editor. Now that you have a video ready itís time to upload it on Youtube.

    You must be thinking why Iím only talking about youtube? Because itís goldmine. Believe me . Very good source for driving traffic too.

    For Youtube SEO Read my tutorial here:


    The most time taking part. Now that you have upload your niche video on Youtube itís time to make a landing page for visitors. If youíre willing to invest in this method then Buy TLD and hosting, Install wordpress on it. Upload a sexy theme and make a post. Be as descriptive as you can to describe your product/Niche. Well this part also is easy as we all are webmasters. So it wonít be hard to make a blog right? And those who are not willing to invest then just set-up a blog on blogger .


    Finally, Itís time to make some money B|. Log in to your network and click on tools. There are two ways to lock your content.

    1. Locking the download link
    2. Locking Page (Gateway Locking)

    Locking the download link as it sounds is simply locking your link. Like you have uploaded your Niche product on Mediafire and you have locked access to that link. Only when someone completes a offer heíll get to download that product.
    Gateway locking is usually much more converting option. Itís a greater change of someone to complete a survey if it is gateway lock. Click on Tools>Content Locker> New Gateway.

    Something like this will come up. Fix it according to you. If you want to place a background image click on Layout and youíll an option there. Now click on Advance.

    In Redirect File Url paste your link to download that product. Offer per tabs: 5 and offer style: Best earning. After you change it according to you then just click on create gateway.

    Youíll see a page with ďcodesĒ you have to put these codes on your website/Blog. Copy the first code and make a text widget if youíve installed wordpress and paste the code there. Now copy the second code and paste it at the end of your post. Your product description post. If youíre having any problem then just read the guide on that page. Itís full of information.

    Now whenever someone will come to visit your website and click on Download Link a gateway will pop-up. And whenever someone complete the offer youíll get money.

    This tutorial is only to teach the basics of CPA. In my next topic Iíll write pro tips :3 . Till then learn the basics. I will add image and edit this thread tomorrow to make it look good.

    If you have any doubts then dont hesitate to reply here or PM or mail me at [email protected]

    I highly recommend you'll to join Hackforums And CPAElites if you want to learn more and more. Hackforums in really very great community

    Upcoming Tutorials By Me: Pro Tips For CPA, Making money From ClickBank and Bitcoin.

    Learning The Basics Of CPA/PPD | Earning On Net - Online Money Making Tips

    Last edited by ChemicalX; 13th Oct 2013 at 04:01 AM.

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    12th Oct 2013, 03:54 PM
    Even though im not int to CPA things, I have read it and basically gave the who basic idea. and ya good job

  3. Chutad's Avatar
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    12th Oct 2013, 03:57 PM
    Its pretty tough to have a steady start but once you're into it , you can't even imagine what will be the outcome. Finding out a proper niche and patience is the real game in here.

    Great write up chemical, hope we see some members switching from UPLOADING to in this incentive offering.

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    12th Oct 2013, 04:11 PM
    Yeah people upload 100 movies and earn nothing but between 2-3$/Day !

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    12th Oct 2013, 04:16 PM

  6. Host DZire's Avatar
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    12th Oct 2013, 04:24 PM
    nice one. its really usefull.

  7. souza's Avatar
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    12th Oct 2013, 04:27 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by chemicalx View Post
    Yeah people upload 100 movies and earn nothing but between 2-3$/Day !
    That's real noob.

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    12th Oct 2013, 04:57 PM
    If you guys have any question post it here! It's helpdesk thread also!

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    12th Oct 2013, 05:03 PM
    Thanks a lot for the tut thats what i was looking all over the google...
    can i start with blog instead of website because i want to check my potential first i

  10. ChemicalX's Avatar
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    12th Oct 2013, 05:06 PM
    Yes! You can start with blogger! I started with blogger too! If your niche is interesting people will download it from a shitty looking page too

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