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    Hey guys ,

    one of my sites were having a very high mysql load and was slowing the site big time so did a fresh vbulletin install + db restore

    However now the urls are like this : http://www.siteurl/showthread.php.....

    When it should have been like this : http://www.siteurl/326842-title.html

    * i had vbseo installed before , i installed it again and enabled but the urls haven't changed , any idea how to do it ?


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    did u took the backup of ur old vbseo settings when u uninstalled?

    I am assuming that firstly u have uninstalled vbseo then installed again !

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    I have a backup of the whole thing but not the vbseo individually

    * If i restore the previous vbseo settings , the urls will be changed automatically ?

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    Yes, if u took the backup of old settings then once u upload that file, your old settings will come back..

    go to vBSEO control panel -> General Settings -> Data Backup & Restore -> Choose file & Import setting

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    If you can't be bothered to post in the right section, I can't be bothered to move the thread.

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    So kiss me and smile for me, say that you'll wait for me <'3

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