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Thread: Nulled WHMCS

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    25th Dec 2010, 08:14 PM
    Please note that the use of WHMCS without a license is NOT allowed.

    Members who make sales threads and DO NOT have a valid license will have their threads deleted and WILL receive an infraction.


    Nulled WHMCS
    Web Host Manager Complete Solution

    WHMCS is a script used by most web hosting companies. Prices for monthly lease cost 10-15 dollars. Some hosting companies think it will be fine to use a cracked(nulled) version of WHMCS, but what they don't think about is the lower security of the nulled WHMCS.

    Most nulled versions of WHMCS have a script inside that can be used and will not be detected. The script inside WHMCS is something that sends all/some of the following information to the person who cracked/nulled the version.

    • Client details (e.g Full name, Address, phone)
    • cPanel details (Able to access your files)
    • Server details (User & Pass of the server(s))
    • Emails (Most likley be used for spam)
    • Creditcard details (Used for fraud)

    To check if a web host is using a Nulled/cracked version of WHMCS fill out the verification form in the below link:

    WHMCS - Verify a Domain is Licensed

    To see the difference between nulled from licensed type the following sites into the form:

    Example of a licensed site message:

    Example of a nulled site message:

    Just a warning to the clients & owners of web hosting companies.

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