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Thread: - Ad Traffic Network for advertisers and publishers

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    19th Apr 2017, 01:34 PM
    Hey, guys!

    Let us introduce to you our advertising traffic network RoyalAds. Our company sell and buy traffic. Network constantly developing and improving. We have excellent conditions for both - affiliates and advertisers. At the moment we work with PopUnder and Skim (Redirect) traffic.

    RoyalAds is a self-service platform for people who want to buy or sell traffic. Our service is very easy to work with, but we have a very kind support to help you and answer all your questions. For publishers we offer very lucrative bids and we are ready to buy all their traffic.

    What's special in RoyalAds?

    - About 5 million impressions per day with a variety of unique sources, here you can see a cut across countries, mobile and desktop traffic -
    - Targeting - countries, languages, niches, operating systems, device types, mobile operators, browsers, days and hours, IP ranges.
    - We have "planer", after your choice of all targeting you interesting in, you can see how much traffic is available for you (IMPRESSIONS BY SELECTION in an ad campaign).
    - Detailed statistics, updated every 5 minutes.
    - The ability to set a minimum buy-out price for advertisers.
    - Constant monitoring sites who buy traffic.
    - The ability to choose the types of sites that buy traffic.
    - The referral system - 6% from the income of affiliates and from the expense of advertisers.
    - We accept and do payments to paxum, webmoney, EPESE, bitcoin and wires.
    - Top and average eCPM for publishers can be found here -
    - Fast and friendly support, ready to always answer all your questions.

    We are always open to dialogue, welcome to sign up.
    If you like to ask any question before, please contact us:
    icq: 655669454

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    20th Apr 2017, 07:32 PM
    Do You Allow Adult Sites ???

  3. RoyalAds_Supp's Avatar
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    21st Apr 2017, 07:11 AM
    Of course. We specialize just on adult sites.

  4. AgentX's Avatar
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    21st Apr 2017, 07:42 AM
    For Publishers Payout after how much $$ and how many days waiting ?

  5. RoyalAds_Supp's Avatar
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    21st Apr 2017, 01:21 PM
    All payments are processed upon request and usually take 1-2 business days to complete. We can do payment with your specific comment to some payment systems, but you should contact support before requesting. Minimum 50$.

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    1st Jun 2017, 12:07 PM
    Dear partners!

    RoyalAds Ad Network is actively developing and attracts both publishers and advertisers. We are constantly working on updating the system, making it more better for you, as well as increasing traffic volumes.

    Last news:

    - Interface translated to russian language, in future will be translations to other languages
    - Added calculator of % of the traffic you get for the specified targeting, depending on the bid
    - Fixed some problems with estimating traffic volumes, now everything works correctly
    - We made opportunity to credit payments through the ADVCASH system, while in manual mode. Soon there will be Epayments and Yandex Money
    - We added Telegram channel - please connect to us -

    Volumes, for yesterday:

    Desktop traffic, TOP 10 countries:

    TH - 21725
    CN - 17196
    US - 9761
    VN - 8937
    HR - 8756
    BR - 7963
    BG - 7853
    IN - 7322
    MK - 7113
    GE - 4469

    Mobile traffic, TOP 10 countries:

    GB - 166424
    MX - 135138
    DE - 133180
    IN - 117525
    BR - 114369
    JP - 94557
    RU - 92781
    FR - 66374
    NL - 64108
    UA - 63577

    For other countries, you can see traffic volumes here. Please note that the volume is not static, but it can change.

    For any questions you can always contact support, contacts (email & skype) of your manager are indicated in the admin panel.
    If you are not sign in, the main page has online support, which also can answers all your questions.

    Sincerely, RoyalAds team.

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    1st Jun 2017, 12:24 PM
    Good Luck

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