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Thread: SCAM shorteners - and BE AWARE!

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    7th Aug 2017, 04:57 AM
    Friends, don't use these link shorteners as they are not paying! I've searched Google for info about them but did not find, so decided to make this post for the forum members and all who search for it.

    However, I've managed to find the best link shortener for me, so If there are any interested send me PM, or skype me: vijikey.

    Regards and best of luck to all!

  2. Swarint's Avatar
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    9th Aug 2017, 02:56 AM PAID MY MONEY THANKS Good Sale

  3. vijikey's Avatar
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    9th Aug 2017, 09:55 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Swarint View Post PAID MY MONEY THANKS
    What do you mean, did you get paid or you ask for payment?

  4. s4cash's Avatar
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    17th Aug 2017, 02:33 PM
    Iam first of all surprised to find a post about that its a scam shortner. Who ever said it, maybe you have your own reasons for trying to create a bad name for it. But from my own experience and for the time been with S4CASH TEAM, there is nothing like related to what he or she says.

    So, who ever said it, please give your reasons and with screen shorts to prove to the public about what you said ? I will be following this post and will be here to respond to your questions related to platform.

    Otherwise, is a free URL/Link shortner that rewards owners of shortened links by offering a share of advertising revenue. We have free and paid memberships. Create your free account today and start earning money by sharing your shortened links through platform with the highest paying rates.

    Feel free to ask a question and you will be replied as soon as we can


  5. vijikey's Avatar
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    17th Aug 2017, 02:52 PM

    SO WHERE IS MY PAYMENT! I'm glad you found the post here, most probably the fishes are not so many in the sea (after my post) and you decided to register here and reply or even better pay me and continue old way? Pay me, and I will work with you only to ensure you are legit, after you proof me I will post back here some feedback!
    Also you don't have adsense nor other premium banner ad company, no popups, you have no ads on your pages and after all this you don't pay, how do you expect me to react? Decided to warn the others, hope you understand me! I've searched all the net for some links from your shortener or any posts for someone speaking for your site - none. How exactly do you generate income to pay your publishers, you have no ads on the shortened links ? I don't actually care, just making arguments for others to analyze. Good rates tho!
    Last edited by vijikey; 17th Aug 2017 at 02:57 PM.

  6. s4cash's Avatar
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    17th Aug 2017, 03:08 PM
    Thank you for your quick reply and we are ready to pay you if you do qualify to get paid. Just answer two questions below;

    1.From which country are you?
    2. Please share with us the link that you used to generate your income and will get back to you shortly. If you do qualify to get paid, we will pay you.

    We wait your response

    Thank you

  7. vijikey's Avatar
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    17th Aug 2017, 03:26 PM
    S4cash, pay your users, if you pay them all then you paid me. I don't want to be paid only because of my post here. The traffic is quality - USA have screen shots so don't think to ban my account just to prevent me from exposing the info. Also you have fixed CPM and I don't think that the traffic sent to you has anything common. However I can share with you any further info if you say here that you've paid all members up to the end of this month. That way I will receive my payment for sure and will also give feedback.

    I'm not for the 5 bucks, but for the honest business! Every honest shortener clear all payments at least every month (not even mention your stated 4 days after request), so pay all members and I must be paid also!
    Last edited by vijikey; 17th Aug 2017 at 03:37 PM.

  8. s4cash's Avatar
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    17th Aug 2017, 04:14 PM
    Dear Brother,
    Please note that we pay publishers based on human clicks and not bots. Because we value our advertisers that much. And before we pay you, we often have to go into details of how you generated the traffic. Please have a preview of your traffic source here: . Then you will know why we decided not to pay you.

    However, we have added some credit to your wallet money. And we look forward to doing business with you.

    Otherwise please understand that currently most of our advertisers are not in your country, and if you find that no adverts based on where you are based, it does not mean that we do not have adverts. But the good news is that we are expanding everyday and with your support, we will rich every where around the round.

    But on the other hand, we have also got other offers of which we believe will generate you more money in a short period. Please read about our two membership accounts and the benefits to each account


    1. Free account. This allows you to shorten links, share them with friends on facebook,twitter,whatsApp,and via sending SMS or email and GET PAID for every visit of your shared link/s


    Earnings per 1000 Views of your shared links;
    *Banner Adverts on both mobile and Desktop is US$4
    *Interstitial Adverts on both mobile and Desktop is US$5

    2.Paid Membership Account (SMART LANDLORD ACCOUNT) AT $36 -. This allows you to Refer new members and earn 35% ($12.6)HUGE commissions from each person you refer as follows;and upgrade to paid membership, and every time they renew their Annual subscription for LIFE
    Refer new members join and earn 35% ($12.6) commission from each person you refer and upgrade to a paid membership for life
    Refer New members to join Free/Paid account and earn 20% commission out of your referred total iincome earned through sharing links on internet (social media sites and others)
    Referral New members to join and earn 10% when your referred person happens to advertise with us through creating banner and interstitial adverts

    10 people, you earn $126 on sign up and every time they renew their annual membership

    100 people, you earn $1260 on sign up and every time they renew their annual membership

    1000 people, you earn $12600 on sign up and every time they renew their annual membership


    Please note that to see your credit added on your wallet money, you need to log out and login again


  9. vijikey's Avatar
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    17th Aug 2017, 04:56 PM
    You are prepared but facts are others and i don't intend to proceed this post any further. I believe you are in the net to SCAM. I don't received my money and waited for weeks, i still have no payment from you and (My wallet credits, hahaha, what I'm I supposed to do with them, I don't want to advertise, I want my money in my BTC wallet).

    Further, If you check all users before pay them then why my balance is pending not rejected ? I will tell you why, because you have never checked/saw my traffic and this table you provide is laughable, and I prefer let people decide about your honesty. I'm sure that very soon others scammed will come here and post also.

    I'm glad that you gained your very first 4 posts in this great forum only because of that thread alerting for SCAM. If you were a decent businessman you would have some posts in the biggest forums in this business, but you don't. I will also let people make their own research to find that out on their own. I'm here and if there is any other user who is interested of more info about my traffic and your SCAM I'm glad to proceed in PM and let hem know the real facts about my traffic and about your SCAM scheme.

    Good bye to you!

  10. vijikey's Avatar
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    17th Aug 2017, 08:14 PM
    I'm pretty sure that the last post of user - ronelgon is made from the same IP/person who answered this topic in first place - s4cash or at least uses proxy, which can me tracked by the mod. Both users have registered today with the only reason to spoil the SCAM alert post with SPAM posts. If you see the signature of user - s4cash under this post of his - SCAM shorteners - and BE AWARE! he uses as signature name Ronnie. But in his first post his signature name is S4CASH TEAM. Now the interesting part is that the second user roneglon start's with RONE maybe from Ronnie. This indicates again that behind the two accounts stays same person maybe with name Ronnie both registered today. I've made a screenshots of his posts with different signatures just in case he edit them to cover his tracks. Please bann both users as they intend to SPAM and spoil the SCAM alert post I made. I think I've done good point and hope the moderators to take action based on their decision. Let's keep this forum with quality content without SPAM!


    Also he just registered at forum digitalpoint with same reason to SPAM the alert post. I've made a screenshot of his post to see what a polite businessman this person is before he edits his post. Again name Ronnie

    link to original forum post -
    Last edited by vijikey; 17th Aug 2017 at 08:38 PM.

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