It is laughable the statement they have made hahaha. Scam companies are a big scam, be careful with another new one that is beginning to recruit publishers ""

"Dear publisher,After many millions of impressions delivered together and as we have previously announced, we’re shutting down the service and asking you to remove your Voltads tags as soon as possible on your websites.
Voltads CPM ad network has reached a point where it requires full time energy and a reasonable effort to scale and stay up-to-date with the frequent changes in the ad industry. Unfortunately, Voltads has also facing a massive fraud on the network which are beyond our current capabilities of our own anti-fraud system. So we decided to keep it short before it has a real impact on our publishers and their earnings.
We know that Voltads has several customers who will be very sad to see it go and we’re sad too, but we believe that the service we’re currently providing doesn’t meet the level of quality we expect to offer to you, publishers. Thank you for your business, the story of Voltads ends today, no regrets and much learnings, good luck to you all! Team"