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Thread: SEO Benifits of sites on multiple Class C ranges... And even in multiple countries

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    21st Jan 2011, 12:46 PM
    SEO Benifits of sites on multiple Class C ranges... And even in multiple countries
    Sharing an article I found.

    SEO hosting, or multiple class C IP hosting, is a specialty Web hosting product line designed to meet the needs of SEO specialists and developers who desire to create a network of separate and completely independent websites.

    There are benefits of having multiple class C IP addresses tied together under a single Web hosting plan. Also, bear in mind that this strategy takes a bit of advanced planning, and it's not for "newbie" website owners. Let's take a look at what they are if you are considering getting started with SEO hosting.

    Each One of the Multiple Class C IP's Appear to be Independent of the Others

    Search engines in all of their wisdom can identify when sites are related to one another when they are from the same class C IP address (Last octet / YYY.YYY.YYY.XXX). The purpose behind SEO hosting is to assemble bundles of separate Class C IP addresses, so webmasters can confidently link them up and benefit from the improved SEO within the network.

    How to Boost SEO

    Having multiple class C is IP addresses is important simply because it distinguishes each site one from the other, although they are all still owned by the same party. SEO specialists have come up with the strategy of using multiple class C IP addresses as a workaround to bypass the fact that if you build a cluster of sites on the same IP, they don't pass as much "link juice" as if they were from a separate, unrelated IP address.

    In order to enjoy the benefits of multiple, individual sites all pointing to your main or "money" site, these sites must have valuable, useful content so that they will attract search engine traffic and gain in the rankings on their own merit. They can't pass page rank if they don't achieve it.

    With a bit of advanced, strategic planning and a fast Web development team, you can have your network of sites built, generating traffic, and incrementally gaining in page rank for you.

    Therefore, the benefit of hosting multiple class C IP addresses for your website network includes an SEO boost when you interlink all of those related keyword optimized sites. SEO hosting is an ingenious way to overcome the challenge of finding a steady supply of back links for your websites.
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    21st Jan 2011, 09:18 PM
    thank you so much for sharing this great article

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    22nd Jan 2011, 02:52 AM
    from what I have learned, country specific tld's will get more attention from Google's crawler and enjoy better SERP's , if the server which hosts the domain is in the same country as that of the tld.
    for example , a *.in domain hosted in an Indian server may have more priority in SERP, than an *.in hosted in a US server.

    Another Point :

    if you targeting US users, its a good practice to use a USA Hosting . ( Targeting as in Google Webmaster Panel ) .

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    22nd Jan 2011, 02:57 AM
    Indeed, although when its not possible to have a US server due to the content being hosted/linked to then get lots of links from US hosted sites.

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