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    Default need to verified before withdraw bank wire?

    If I want to withdraw [bank wire] more then USD700 from alertpay to my bank account, it is necessary to verify my account? [I am in personal pro]

    it is possible for personal starter to withdraw more then USD400?

    hope alertpay support / someone give me the accurate answer

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    try to ask your inquiry in this thread http://www.wjunction.com/123-alertpa...thread-182.htm or PM them directly AlertPay Team. I hope this helps.

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    Hi gogo123,
    We saw all the threads you created about this so no additional threads need to be created. We don't want to clutter the forum.

    AlertPay Team sent you a PM for assistance,
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    @ Alertpay could you send me this Information to i try to verify my Account i send you all Details with Bank Proofs etc but its since months not verified.

    Its very hard to verify my Bank account with you!

    Best Greetz

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    same question can you send me answer what i do i ve basic account and unverified

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