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Thread: Complain for

  1. jolly's Avatar
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    30th Mar 2012, 06:55 PM
    this is the prob - all clients they thoght when they purchase rdp they can do anything

    they not care about the server

    even in my server one client he put wordpress site looool

  2. Supernatural's Avatar
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    30th Mar 2012, 07:17 PM

  3. jolly's Avatar
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    30th Mar 2012, 07:30 PM
    reply to superman o sorry supernatural looool

    Thing not allowed, that will make everyone happy:

    -Do not abuse the server, and by abuse I mean no 25-30% usage of the CPU all by your self.
    -No hacking activities.
    -No rapidleech/sborg/scripts on the server.
    -No public torrents. Only Private Torrent seeding is allowed, but fair usage, max 3-5 at a time.
    -No Encoding, or any kind of conversion software.
    -Do not let a bunch of torrents seeding, that rapes the HDD.
    -Do not open 2 winrar processes. that rapes the HDD

    see my rdp allow not allow special this one :
    -No rapidleech/sborg/scripts on the server.

    its mean no wordpress scripts


  4. pappunsu's Avatar
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    30th Mar 2012, 07:35 PM
    Dear Supernatural, I am a Uploaderhost customer and I am totally Satisfied with their support and service. The Owner is also a friendly guy. You need not to open a thread here. Just discuss with him about the matter and hope he will resolve your problem. Thanks.

  5. robert420's Avatar
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    30th Mar 2012, 07:37 PM
    So basically, you're mad cause you can't seed more then 15-18 torrents you stated in this thread that you were seeding 15-18 torrents already seeding this many torrents cause issue for other user on the server so such as slow speeds, disk performance issue, and etc.

    as VGNheart said if he offered you a refund take it an move on most RDA providers here won't even offer you a refund after you've abused there system resources.

    If you wanted become a resource hogger get your own server in stop crying about an RDA provider telling you you can't seed more then 15 - 18 torrents as this is true you'll be causing a huge risk to them if they allowed you to continue seeding this many torrents grow up in stop crying if you don't like it buy your own server as I've mentioned.

    as Sniffdog has mention RDA aren't good for seeding torrents at all maybe 5 never 15-18 torrents at the sametime.

  6. Supernatural's Avatar
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    30th Mar 2012, 07:44 PM
    @pappunsu yes he is a good guy and support is nice. but this is not abt greatness , it is that we both are like stcuked atm ( atleast i am ) and i have already discussed abt this with him and then we both come to a conclusion that i should make the thread here and discuss.

  7. pappunsu's Avatar
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    30th Mar 2012, 07:47 PM
    I suggest you to decrease your number of torrents and continue seeding the rest 4/5 for long time. Hope it will help you to maintain your ratio. Just decrease the number of seeding.

  8. Supernatural's Avatar
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    30th Mar 2012, 07:50 PM
    robert420 actually if u read my first post again , u will know i have told him that he should have told me this that no more than 2-3 torrent seeding , but he told me this when i already was seeding 18+ torrents + when i buyed the server. so that was unfair with me.

    also to ur saying abt refunding. if most of rdp providers dont give refund , then ofc their services will suffer as people will start complaining em too. so that all good to me lol.

    also , I AM NOT CRYING AT ALL , its just that , i am stuck with this . if i take the rdp i will have problem ( not many torrent seeding ) and if i dont take , i will suffer at my trackers.

  9. MyDarkTower's Avatar
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    30th Mar 2012, 08:05 PM
    Well not sure when they put it in their post, but their post states:

    Not Allowed :

    • Child Porn
    • Hacking activities
    • RUNNING multiple Winrar processes parallelly.
    • Encoding
    • Public Torrents
    • Multiple Torrent Seeding At A time ( more than 3 )

  10. Gavo's Avatar
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    30th Mar 2012, 08:16 PM
    $18 a month and you want to seed 20 torrents ILMAO

    then someone else on the server would do the same and you would complain about low speeds

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