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Thread: Need an animated banner

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    3rd Jun 2010, 12:09 PM
    Hi guys.

    I'm in desperate need for an animated banner for
    Any bored gfx designer willing to do some pro bono work?

    I want the banner to say:
    High Definition
    720P 1080P Downloads
    No Passwords

    (each line separated by animation).
    Size: 230x35

    I'm fresh out of cash after buying a dedi, so I need something free.

    Thanks guys

    Added after 1 Day 17 Hours:

    Hey guys.
    Well.. since noone wants to work for free

    I'm now offering 1-month free premium account on my premium link generator
    for this banner

  2. ilyathereis's Avatar
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    3rd Jun 2010, 12:26 PM
    Woja is THE man!

    HD-Dump is good, clean high quality forum.

    I'm on there as a moderator and the forum is growing each week. Our traffic has been steady, but we'd like to grow, grow, and grow some more If you're into 720p and 1080p BluRays or BRip or MicroHD or other HD quality stuff, come on over.

    Okay, okay, so we desperately need animated banner

    Here's the forum's banner now:

    To give you a feel of HD-Dump, here's the content and color scheme we've got right now. You could probably get creative and use different colors :


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