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    Default KrazyShare.com | Re-Reviews Please :)

    KrazyShare has gone through some minor changes which includes some changes to the templates and a new favicon :delighted:

    So I am looking forward to your suggestions, criticism or any thoughts. If possible, rank KrazyShare as well.

    Thank you very much for your time.

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    Da-Legends.info Da-Legends.net Da-Legends.com Da-Porn.info
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    lovely blog ....i just love the color scheme

    Thanks to Nitish For The Siggy!
    Selling 1 Hosting Accounts. on the same server on which Da-Legends is
    (VPS,OffShore). Pm me If Intrested.

    Looking For an admin for a warez site.

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    I love the skin/color scheme, and everything is just well put together.

    I personally never loved blog warez sites but yours made me think twice
    Respected: UltimA

    Red Eagle

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    Your skin is just too good.I liked it very much + its ad free!
    So maybe 3.5/5
    Life is like a rape,if you can't escape it try enjoying it!

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    Thanks for those nice reviews guys.

    Bang, my site is not actually ad free, the ads are very less and not blended into the content. Its noticeable and doesnt distract the users in any way. I do not plan to make my site commercial and make its mean purpose to earn.

    By the way, can you please tell me ways on how to improve my site as well as you rated it 3.5 so there must be plenty of space for me to improve, i want to achieve the rest 1.5 too


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