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    Default French Court Frowns On Autocomplete, Tells Google To Remove Searches

    Google had been sued by insurance company Lyonnaise de Garantie, which was offended by search results including the word 'escroc,' meaning crook, according to a story posted Tuesday by the Courthouse News Service. 'Google had argued that it was not liable since the word, added under Google Suggest, was the result of an automatic algorithm and did not come from human thought,' the article states. 'A Paris court ruled against Google, however, pointing out that the search engine ignored requests to remove the offending word... In addition to the fine, Google must also remove the term from searches associated with Lyonnaise de Garantie.

    Mommy where did you get all those scars? When I was 12, my favorite singer smoked weed, so I cut myself to make him stop.

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    Its funny that insurance company got a keyword with crook

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    DAMN YOU AUTOCOMPLETE.. i mean autocorrect

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