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Thread: 2Gbps (2x1gbps) in evoswitch dc

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    5th Oct 2017, 01:55 PM
    I just wanted to look here before I continue if anyone would know some providers who can come up with something like this:

    Well this is actually the cheapest I found so far and would be something I would like.

    Intel Quad Core X3440
    4x2TB SATA
    16GB RAM
    2x 1Gbps Full-Duplex
    100TB bandwidth


    Is it the cheapest out there with "2Gbps" and Evoswitch DC (The Netherlands)?
    Or someone know any others with good prices or any active promo/discounts?


  2. wdc's Avatar
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    5th Oct 2017, 02:07 PM
    And what is your priority/requirement? I think the $99 price for that is good and no need to wait. The CPU is little bit weaker, depends on the usage case.
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    6th Oct 2017, 06:02 AM
    We can offer you the below deal and it is almost the one you needed. Be noted that if you are fine with 50TB transfer, This deal would be a best one for you as we can offer you discount if you contact us by showing this thread link -

    Root Dedicated *EVO* Intel Xeon X3440/ 8 Cores HT *50TB* 38.00 EUR
    Memory: 16GB DDR3 RAM 12.00 EUR
    Storage Drive 1: 4TB S-ATA III HDD 12.00 EUR
    Storage Drive 2: 4TB S-ATA III HDD 19.00 EUR

    Network Port: 2Gbit Unshared 12.00 EUR
    DataTransfer: 50TB Per Month [Included] 0.00 EUR
    Usable IP/s: 1 IP [Included] 0.00 EUR
    Operating System: Please Select One 0.00 EUR

    KVM Access: Free [On-Demand] 0.00 EUR
    Server Location: Evoswitch or Equinix 7 (AMS, NL) 0.00 EUR
    Setup Fees: 0.00 EUR
    Monthly: 93.00 EUR

    Order & Configure Link here -

    Wish to hear from you. - Quality Over Quantity | 40+ Accepted Payment Options.
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    9th Oct 2017, 12:25 PM

    Please check here:

    Also here:
    Click order to check price of 2x1Gbit NIC.


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