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Thread: Selling domain rules

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    26th Sep 2011, 05:05 PM
    Please start posting all [Selling] [Buying] Domains in that section ONLY

    Secton Rules:

    Please read the rules before posting a domain for sale!

    1) Thread title must contain the domain inside of it.
    If multiple domains for sale please state so in title and be as descriptive as possible
    Examples: 3 LLNN Domains for sale.
    21 Domains LLNN - 10$/Each.

    2) Please follow the following format when posting...
    Domain Name:
    Registered With:
    Ownership proof: (MUST)

    Price or Starting Bid:
    If Auction: Yes | No
    Auction End Date:
    BIN (Buy It Now) Price:

    3) DO NOT REPLY to any thread in this forum unless you are interested in purchasing the domain(s) listed for sale and have a ligit offer or question. Thread crapping and off topic replies will not be tollerated and will be deleted immediately by a moderator.

    NOTE: Old Posts before 09/26/2011 are not subject to these rules.
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