Spectacular comeback of QuickBooks Desktop For WHMCS! The just released 1.1.0 version is here to shower you with new features and refinements.

Among all the novelty that awaits you, there is:
  • A highly practical possibility for all those who take advantage of classes in QuickBooks platform. You can now pick a default class for your WHMCS invoices!
  • A component that will enable your customers to mark each of their invoices as to be printed later.
  • A more innovative approach to the management of the relations between payment methods, deposits and currencies.
  • An extra means for keeping a finger on the pulse of financial order. From now on, the administrator of your choice will be notified by email about any task failures!

Steer a direct course for financial harmony with QuickBooks Desktop For WHMCS 1.1.0!

Learn All About QuickBooks Desktop For WHMCS!

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