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Thread: Create Android App Store - 100% Automated. 50k-150k App.earn 3000$/m

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    10th Oct 2016, 01:42 PM
    Includes 50,000 - 150,000+ App
    100% Automated

    15$ for first 30 sales on this month. Place Order Here:

    Need more information
    Contact US


    Build a complete android app store.
    We will build an android app store. this app store will work fully don't require your maintain.

    Add 50,000 - 150,000 android app into your Store.
    To get fast results and not waste time for import apps into your app store. We will add 50,000 apps to your store. With this app, your website will have good contents for google index.

    Setup Private Video Search Engine
    We know. traffic for our website is the key for success. so, in this offer. we will setup video search engine. This video search engine willl work fully automatic. it can search 300 million youtube in youtube.

    Add 1,000,000 - 50,000,000 search terms into your video search engine:
    To get more and more traffic into your website, we will add 1,000,000 - 50,000,000 search term into your store. with these keywords, after your site get index in google. Google will drive more traffic for your site.

    More detail about million keywords, please read here.

    Provide Premium Methods How to earn $1000 - $3000 per month with our site:
    We want you get back your invest for our store and want you to get more profits, we will provide you our guide about how this system work. include app store, video search engine...


    About Website:
    We will create a complete Android App Store. Include 50,000 - 150,000 app in store.
    With our website, you just running, promote it and waiting for income come. It works automated and no need require maintain.

    Easy Manager App

    You can manage your app, you can easy in the edit, delete or update your app with 1click.

    Easy Import & Publish App

    Our store work automatic completely, but. if you want manual import app to your app store. you can import it from Url, Find App by Keywords, Category ... then publish it to your store.

    Unlimited Advertising App from CPA Network

    For making money from our site, you can add the app from CPA network, when visitor visit and install app from your app. you will get paid.

    Unlimited Layout:

    Our theme is the dynamic theme. It split many modules. You can create the unlimited page then build the layout. Add the widget to sidebar then active.

    By this way, you can create the unlimited layout for your site or create the unique layout for your site.

    How to Make Money With Our Website:

    Make money by Install CPA App
    CPA is the best program for make money. Today, There are have many affiliate program allow you register and promote. With our website, you can easy register their program. It will generate leads for your contents. you just promote your website and earn money.

    Other Advertising Program:
    With our website, you can make money from another advertising program.

    Our website designed specifically for advertising. You can add any contents of any advertising program to your website. You can add, edit, delete banner very easy.

    Our website support all device: desktop, smartphone, iPad, tablet, Ö you can set banner for each device you want.

    With Our Service, Here is what you gets:

    Build AUTOMATED Android App STORE.

    The website includes 150.000 + Android app.
    This website is full Automatic, All app fetched from Google Play, It is automatic add the new app to the website. You will no need manage it.

    Free Automated Tool for Drive Traffic From Google Search: Youtube Search Engine.
    For guarantee, You will make money with our product. We add the special offer for you.
    We will install video search engine for your site. It is the best tool for drive traffic from your site. with this tool, you no need promote your site. you just run your website. Add CPA offer then wait for income.

    Detail for Video Search Engine, please visit here.

    Guide how to promote your site:
    If you want to make money fast with your site. we will give you guide how to promote your site. you can get 50$ - 79$ on every day with our methods.

    Complete Setup website:
    All website will complete install up to 5 business days after you make your order.

    We will design logo to your website, just give us domain name and name of your website. We will design the logo for it.

    Onsite SEO:
    We will optimize your pages, posts, and entire site to be something of beauty that will make the Google Monster Smile.

    Social Network Integrate on your Website:
    We will help you integrate social network on your website. It will help your website better in google rank, Ö

    Ads/Offers Placed On Your Website:
    Our website designed specially for advertising. You can add ads/offers to your website easy, but. If you need us put your ads/offers on your website. We can help you put or custom your website or add new ads position on your website. For do that, just submit the request to us, we will do it.

    Domain name recommendation
    We will find a great .com, net or org for your website.

    Free Submit:
    We will create and submit your website to the search engine: Google, MSN, Ö for free.

    Unlimited update for the current version of your website:
    Your website will automatic upload to the latest version of our WordPress themes.

    One-Year Support:
    We will unlimited support your website in one year after we complete build it. You have free for request submit support to us anytime, anywhere.

    Guarantee Complete Refund Your Money:
    If we cannot delivery your website or you do not like our website that we build for you. We will refund all money to you.

    What you need for your website
    1. You need a hosting support PHP and MySQL Server:

    • Hosting Space: Min 3GB
    • PHP version 5.6+ with cURL, ioncube enable.

    If you do not have the hosting, we will help you find a new hosting for this and help you install PHP, MySQL, Ö or we will help you buy a VPS from trust provider and install VPS server for you.

    2. You need to give for us a domain name for build your website. If you do not, we will show you how to choose the domain with your niche and help you buy it with cheap price with coupon.

    Contact US


    1. How long website installs complete?
    After we receive payment from you. We will complete website within 3 - 5 business days. Sometimes, your website will online very fast.

    If you require customize website like change color, menu, fonts Ö Time for complete will be longer. Maybe in two weeks or less. It dependent how many orders we process in a queue.

    2. Will I need web hosting?
    Yes, you will need to get a web host. If you have a host already, please send it to me. If you don't have web hosting, I will give you my recommendation after you order a website from me.

    3. I donít have a domain name, how I can get it?
    If you donít have a domain name. I will show you how to get a good domain name. After you choose a domain name, you can buy it on Namecheap or Godaddy.

    4: What payment methods are accepted for this listing?
    All major credit cards and debit cards through PayPal and PayPal.

    5. Do you complete refund my money?
    - Yes, I will complete refund all money to your PayPal if you cancel your order.
    - Within 7 days, if you donít like my jobs and want to refund your money. We will complete refund your money.
    - If we cannot complete your website, we will refund your money.

    6. Can this fetch new apps from App Store
    The website can fetch new app from itune app store and update to the website.
    It works automated. It does not require your maintain. you just promote and earn money.

    7. Do scripts encrypt?
    For protect our product. We encrypt some important files. these files will protect use with a hacker, cracker ...

    8. You got 1000$ per month with an app store. why don't you create 100 sites then earn money by yourself?

    First. We want to get more money.
    Second, We have another team for make money with our scripts. we are the developer and we want to make money by selling this code.

    About Support:

    We will support one year for the website.
    After we complete install your website and your website online. If your website has errors, hacked, or have any issue. You must request support to us.

    You can submit support in contact form, send email to [email protected] and add our skype:

    If you use your private email like [email protected]. You must sure that, your email can receive email from us.

    If you send contact in support, you must enter correct email in contact email. We will contact to again to this email. Please check it very careful before submitting request support.

    We receive many supports in contact us from but we cannot send email to this email. So, If you need a support. Please check your email send to us and make sure that your email can receive our emails.
    Refund Policies:
    We will guarantee complete refund your money:
    1. If we cannot complete your website. We will complete refund 100% your money to PayPal.
    2. If you want to cancel your order. We will cancel your order and refund 100% money to Paypal.
    3. After I complete your website. Within 3 days, if you donít like my website, my job. I will complete refund your money.

    Terms of Uses:

    1. Your website will be install within 3 - 5 business days.

    2. After you paid to us. For install:
    - If you want to install by yourself. We will send you our script, license key and guide how to install your website.
    - If you need us install your website, please provide for us your domain name, hosting information. We will start install after we receive this information.

    4. Refund Terms:

    - Before install, if you want to cancel your order. We will complete refund your money.
    - After we complete setup your website, if you donít like my job, my website. You have 3 days for request refund.
    - Refund will not available after 30 days we complete your website. If you do a chargeback, we will block your site and request remove your website to your host provider.

    Protect US with The Fraud.

    In the past time, we have a lot of fraud. So, we need to protect our service, our product with fraud. If we found fraud in any order. We will cancel and report to all system.

    We spend a large of time for develop the product, pay thousands dollar for the script, for service. We must protect us with fraud.

    Please check carefully before order our service:

    1. About Complete Website:
    - With Setup website only. After we receive necessary information. Time for complete from 3 - 5 business days, max 7 days. After we complete setup website, we will send all information of website to the customer via email.

    - With Website need customize, create a unique layout, add a page, Ö: It dependent how many order we are processing, how about your request. Time for the complete update for the website from 7 days or more, Ö

    2. About Refund:

    We will complete refund your money if we cannot complete your website. Or if you donít like our jobs, you have 3 days for request a refund.

    After we refund your money. Your website will stop. We donít allow you keep our jobs and did not pay for us.

    3. About Support:
    We will support your website in one year, we will accept support if your email provided us still working.
    We cannot support you if we cannot send you an email.
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    17th Feb 2017, 08:15 AM
    Seems like no one is interested in this.

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    22nd Feb 2017, 01:11 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Yakuza View Post
    Seems like no one is interested in this.
    I sold many site in here. they did not post on my thread.
    Thank you

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    22nd Feb 2017, 01:38 AM
    Do pigs fly?

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    27th Feb 2017, 02:57 PM
    We just extend offer for package 50,000 app for next 24h. please get it soon or wait next week. Thank you

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    27th Feb 2017, 03:16 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by sniffdog View Post
    Do pigs fly?

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    10th Mar 2017, 08:33 AM
    This offer still available to order. thank you very much!

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    13th May 2017, 12:30 AM
    We reactive this offer. you can order now or contact me to get discount.

    Added after 3 Days 2 Hours:

    Sorry, This offer has expired. Please contact us to get other offer. Thank you

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    1st Jun 2017, 11:45 PM

    - Build a complete android app store.
    - Add 50,000 android app into your Store.
    - Provide Premium Methods How to earn $1000 - $3000 per month with our site.

    Total this offer: 15$. This offer will available for first 30 sales on this month. Please get it now before it expired or wait to next week.
    This is order link:

    Place Order:

    If you need other package, Please pm us or live chat with us on skype:
    Thank you very much!

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    17th Jul 2017, 04:14 AM
    Today Offer:

    - Build a complete android or app store.
    - Add 50,000 android app into your Store.
    - Provide Premium Methods How to earn $1000 - $3000 per month with our site.


    Total this offer: 30$.
    This is order Android App Store link:

    Place Order Android App Store:


    Total this offer: 30$
    This is order IOS App Store link:

    Place Order IOS App Store:


    If you need other package, Please pm us or live chat with us on skype:
    Thank you very much!

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