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    Default Mediafire upload limit as free user ???

    Hi WJ,

    I just want to know what's the upload limit in Mediaifre free account.

    Because my account is using 9.8 GB and whatever i am uploading files are not showing in my account.

    Please need help.

    Thanks in advance


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    There is no storage limit. To solve your problem see this


    Oh and another thing. Dont rely too much on mediafire. They have deleted 3 of my accounts in the last month because of repeated copyright infringement. If your links get reported often, they will delete your account.

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    I thought mediafire was unlimited you were only limited on the filesize you could upload

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    Yep! they have only limit in uploading files . Single file can be 200mb

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    Never Ever Create An Account in Mediafire afterall its a Free Service and U wont get Paid for your Downloads.
    Always Upload without making Account. Yes U can do that too and save the Links Downloading URL After Posting.
    This way They can delete your few files if some Copyright Issue comes But Others files will b safe and saved cause U uploaded them without creating Any Account.

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